The new standard for Call Recording Security

Enter the world of CallVault, an impenetrable fortress for your call recording storage that guarantees the integrity of every conversation.

Unbreachable Security

We offer an isolated, tamper-proof sanctuary for your call recordings, severed from your PBX system to ensure unrivaled safety. Every encrypted recording is exclusively accessible to a select group of individuals within your organization, authorized by you.

Data Privacy

Experience CallVault’s fail-proof promise that your untouched call recordings are cloaked in encryption and securely tucked away. Our stringent control measures and detailed logging allow unmitigated power over the access to sensitive customer data.

Infallible Audit Trails

Sleep soundly with the knowledge that CallVault has turned your call recordings into untouchable assets. Every single interaction with your stored recordings is monitored, logged, and available for your review, creating an airtight audit trail for future use.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate CallVault with your existing PBX system – be it 3CX, VPBX, Vodia, or any other, and you’ll find a sanctuary where your call recordings are effortlessly stored. Our intuitive CallVault platform provides unfettered access to your recordings, the ease of sharing them, or the option to download the encrypted original recording directly, at your convenience.


Recordings Stored


Stored Securely


Service Guarantee

Breaches Prevented

CallVault BI

Unleash a new world of possibilities with our revolutionary CallVault BI – your ultra-modern solution for navigating the complex labyrinth of call recordings! Leveraging the incomparable might of Artificial Intelligence, CallVault BI is not just a tool, it’s a transformation.

Step into the future of data analytics where your call recordings aren’t just files, they’re an untapped treasure trove of insights. With our solution, you’re not just analyzing calls, you’re decoding conversations, understanding emotions, and revealing underlying trends. The power of AI will lend you a superhuman ability to process information and deliver actionable intelligence that can significantly enhance your customer service, sales strategy, and overall business performance.

Don’t just stay in tune with your customers, get ahead of their needs with CallVault BI. It’s not just about catching up with the times, it’s about leaping into the future! Experience the game-changing revolution today. CallVault BI – Forging the future, one call at a time.

What We Offer

Complete And Effective Protection For Your Call Recordings

256bit Encryption

Your recordings, encrypted and safeguarded, are exclusively within your reach.

End to End Encryption

Via a secure connection, recordings go from your PBX system to our servers directly.

Finger Print Security

Realtime auditing monitors access to your recordings, with you dictating the accessibility.

Limited Access

You determine permissions, ensuring your recordings’ safety and limiting unauthorized access.

AI Analysis

Using CallVault BI we can Analyse your calls in near-realtime and notify you regarding the state of your calls.

Call Transcription

Using CallVault BI we also transcribe and summarize your call recordings for easy access to your call data.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Yes, CallVault can run on an on-site pbx system, the only requirement is that the on-site PBX must have access to the internet.

CallVault uses a secure connection from your PBX system to the CallVault servers in order to transfer your call recordings safely and securely.

Absolutely, with the help of CallVault BI, you’re provided with the necessary tools to establish filters and personalize notifications.

The duration of data storage is entirely dependent on your needs, with all data being securely encrypted to guarantee that only you and your team can access it.

All calls are 100% compliant and are individually secured and
encrypted at source. Calls can be recorded with any brand of PBX,
trunk or VoIP extension side. Foundation supports multiple time
zones and recording locations and has the ability to search, sort and
locate your calls within seconds from any device, anywhere.
Whether you have one location with five extensions or a nationwide
infrastructure with multiple branches and process millions of calls,
our complaint logger is the solution for you!


* SSL security

* Fully compliant

* Multi-site support

* Mobile compatible

* 99.99% availability

* On demand recording

* Cloud storage for backups

* Unlimited supervisor, admin access and easy
setup of agents and supervisors

* Audit trail with log of who has played,
downloaded or emailed calls

* Live call statistics showing number of calls
recorded – total, daily and weekly

* All calls securely recorded with advanced
security and a 256 bit AES encryption

* Compatible with any PBX, traditional or VoIP

* All calls securely recorded and encrypted

* Unlimited growth potential

* Web-based (HTML5 architecture)

* Easy access and playback via web based

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