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3CX communications system


Imagine enterprise-level video conferencing software that’s secure, easy to use and free. 3CX is a complete communications solution for businesses that offers integrated video calling. This means you don’t need to use separate apps for video. If you’re in a call, a single click invites participants to switch to video – no forward planning needed! You can join scheduled and ad-hoc meetings directly from your browser without installing any plugins. Schedule a meeting in seconds and invite participants through your preferred calendar or easily share your meeting room from your own unique URL. Encourage participation and teamwork with advanced features that allow you to view & control remote screens, share documents, present on a whiteboard, chat and create polls. Connect, meet and collaborate with 3CX video conferencing software – no extra cost, no time restrictions, and no user limits!

Easy. No downloads
or accounts

  Fully integrated with the 3CX browser & mobile apps.

Attendees join in a browser. No app or account required.

Switch to video during a call in a single click.

 High-quality (HD), real-time video ensured by WebRTC

Free for unlimited users

Included with 3CX, at no extra cost.

Unlimited users, with all editions of 3CX.

Free for Standard edition.

 Use anywhere on any device; mobile or web browser.

Advanced collaboration features

 Share your screen for presentations & online classrooms.

 Liven up information with an on-screen whiteboard.

 Interactive meetings using document sharing, chat & polling.

Hands-on troubleshooting & training with remote screen control.

Professional video
meeting solution

Secure meetings and data controlled by you.

Easily manage participants and meeting settings

Schedule conferences in seconds and automatically add to calendar.

Create recurring meetings and never miss a catch up!